Top Five Secret Delights In Newcastle


North of the River Tyne there is a city rich in culture, tradition, a joyous nightlife and so many treasures hidden amongst the modern and historic architecture.

Whether you are visiting for the first time or are a regular looking for company from the beautiful escorts in Newcastle, here are some of our favourite Tyneside treasures.


 1. Tyneside Cinema


One of the most archetypical date locations is to go and see a film, and Tyneside Cinema is a truly one of a kind site.


The last of the old Newsreel theatres to still be in operation, the building was built by the great uncle of Sir Ridley Scott and as well as showing a unique slate of independent cinema from across the globe also has free showings of old newsreel footage.




2. Bessie Surtees House



Actually two 16th century houses that have been lovingly restored, Bessie Surtees House is not only the home of Historic England but also the scene of one of the most famous acts of forbidden love in Early Modern England.


Bessie Surtees was the daughter of a wealthy banker and had fallen deeply in love with John Scott, who would eventually become the 1st Earl of Eldon but at the time was a coal merchant’s son.


Bessie’s father Aubone did not approve of the pairing at all, which is why in 1772 she climbed out of the first-floor window of this home to run away and get married to John.


Visiting the site of such a forbidden love may be more than a little inspiring.




3. Grey’s Monument



Whenever you decide to meet someone and she tells you to meet “by the monument”, they are referring to one of Newcastle’s most famous landmarks. Based at the corner of Grey Street and Granger Street, it is so tall that it can barely be missed.


Standing 135 feet in the air, the statue has a spiral staircase that sometimes allows couples to stand atop the monument and be together at the very top of Newcastle itself.




4. Jesmond Dene



When you just want to get away from the hustle and bustle of Newcastle and get to know someone a little better, Jesmond Dene is a perfectly placed piece of heaven located in the east end of Newcastle itself.


Following the river Ouseburn, Jesmond Dene offers a natural, tranquil spot to get away from the busy rush of the world and just let time stand still, dictated by the gentle breeze, the flow of the waterfall at its centre and the beat of your heart.




5. Quayside At Night



From the Millennium Bridge, all the way across to the Swing bridge, the illuminated Quayside at night is a sight to behold, filled with beautiful views across Newcastle, the glimmering reflections of the lights across the water, and all kinds of fun bars to stop at along the way.


If you are not feeling Riverside cocktails, Quayside is also home to one of Europe’s largest art galleries and often plays host to events such as the Great North Run.