Will Newcastle Be The Place To Be After The Takeover?

Newcastle has long been renowned as a city for a great party. But while there is always a lively time to be had on the Quayside, this has been a place for the masses, without the kind of fashionable exclusivity seen in more glamorous spots like London.

Could that change, however? If the idea of a celebrity in the north-east is currently a local figure like Ant and Dec or Alan Shearer, this could be in line for a shake-up, or should that be sheikh-up?

The takeover of Newcastle United by the Saudi Arabian Public Investment Fund (PIF) may have many implications. A lot of happy football fans will be delighted to see the back of former owner Mike Ashley and also very excited by the prospect of the club being bankrolled to future success in the manner of clubs like Chelsea and Manchester City.

Add to this the possibility that PIF will seek to make major investments in the city as well, and Newcastle could start to look a rather different place soon.

All that could mean the paparazzi are in town a lot, the hotels more posh and the parties more exclusive, not least if there are some new footballing superstars in town to be seen with. All that means there will be a lot of social events to be seen at and thus more demand for escorts in Newcastle.

This process might start very soon, with an expected spending spree in January.

Of course, there are some naysayers. Objections to the takeover have come from those concerned about human rights issues in Saudi Arabia. However, it may be confidently said that anything going on over there is not going to be replicated in Newcastle.

Indeed, the kinds of events and mixing that might be an increasing feature of the social scene in Newcastle will be in stark contrast to the ultra-conservative model of society seen in the Middle East!